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How I lost 50.5 kg in 5 months and 5 days

For me to lose weight, I had to become depressed and severely obese. Sometimes people with depression say they woke up driving a car into a head-on collision. I feel like I woke up near a coffin with a box of pizza in my hand This is not a book written by a superhero for superheroes. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve strayed from the path, I haven’t been perfect. And you probably aren’t, either. And you know what, that’s totally OK. That’s human. But it’s also human to grow and learn from your mistakes. So let’s learn together.

This book is a record of my story. I won’t describe my life, but I will discuss almost four years. It will be about success but also about the way to it.

The first part concerns the period from 23rd August 2019 to 18th July 2022. That is 1,061 days which can be seen as a period of failure. Or (to paraphrase Thomas Edison), it was a period in which I discovered 1061 ways to lose weight that didn’t work.

The second part is the 158 days (actually the eponymous 5 months and 5 days), during which, using the lessons I learned, I changed my life and lost 50.5 kg.

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