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Benefits of buying the book

  1. Understanding the different aspects of weight loss, such as calorie deficit, calorie counting and physical activity.
  2. Learning about different approaches to dieting and weight loss, such as Dr Kwasniewski’s diet, boxed diets and pharmacological support.
  3. Gaining insight into the mental processes involved in weight loss, such as motivation, changing eating habits or the impact of depression on excess weight.
  4. Gaining information about bariatric surgery, such as gastrectomy, along with the benefits, risks and long-term outcomes.
  5. Learning about the role of support from family, friends and a weight loss assistant in the process of lifestyle change and weight loss.
  6. Understanding the importance of regularity, consistency and regularity in a healthy lifestyle approach.
  7. Learning about practical motivational tools and methods, such as gamification and step count targets.
  8. Gaining insight into the use of technology, such as phone apps and fitness devices, in weight loss.
  9. Gaining knowledge about the impact of being overweight on different aspects of life, such as self-esteem, sex or working life.
  10. Being inspired to develop your own action plan for weight loss and lifestyle changes through the author’s experiences and reflections.

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